Charlie Dykes On Bikes Melbourne

Meet Charlie


In this series, you get to meet the women under the helmets (or in this case the hood), it’s an insight into the amazing legends in our crew. Get to know us and join us on our next ride!
This week we meet Charlie!!!

Charlie Dykes On Bikes Melbourne

What is your name (or your nick name) Charlie
What are your preferred pronouns? She/her
When did you become a member? January 2021
What bike do you ride (or hope to ride)? I just bought a 2014 Hyosung GV650 which I am looking forward to taking on some adventures with DOBM. I typically ride sports bikes though.
How long have you been riding? And what got you interested? I have been riding for almost 10 years. One of my earliest memories is sitting on bikes at a bike shop and revving their engines at the age of 3. I have been hooked ever since. I got my learners as soon as I turned 18 and got my licence before my car licence.
What is your favourite song and why? High Hopes by David Gilmour / Pink Floyd. It gives me a sense of nostalgia and I get goosebumps and lost in it. The sliding guitar solo is so intensely beautiful – basically it’s a masterpiece.
Where’s your favourite place in the world? My parent’s place on the Mornington Peninsula. They live in a beautiful beach house down surrounded by bush and they have a path which leads to the ocean, it’s a really peaceful and wholesome place to spend time with family. I also love India and Japan.
What is so empowering to you about riding a motorcycle? And how has riding transformed other areas of your life? I feel alive when I am riding and the adrenaline, freedom and awareness I get of myself and my surroundings makes me appreciate life.
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Put golden rings around people. The way someone treats you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves.
What gets you out of bed on a Sunday morning? A run and brunch with the Melbourne Frontrunners Group, or an exciting road trip.
What’s your life motto? Magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone.
Which pride parade would you love to ride in? New York or San Francisco.
What do you wish other people knew about DoBM? It’s an amazing and very welcoming community.

Charlie Dykes On Bikes Melbourne Charlie Dykes On Bikes Melbourne


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