Shauna - Dykes on Bikes Melbourne

Meet Shauna


In this series, you get to meet the women under the helmets, it’s an insight into the amazing legends in our crew. Get to know us and join us on our next ride!  

This week we meet Shauna!
Shauna - Dykes on Bikes Melbourne
What is your name (or your nick name)Shauna 
What are your preferred pronouns?She/her
When did you become a member?February 2021
What bike do you ride (or hope to ride)?2020 Yamaha MT07
How long have you been riding? And what got you interested?1998 
What’s something that you love?Smoked olives, salt water & the feeling of sunshine on my skin. 
What’s something that you hate?Peas, unreliability, cancer
Who inspires you?Strong women who pave the way. 
Tell us something about you that no one would know?I drive cranes 40 meters under Swanston Street as part of the Metro Tunnel Project 
Where’s your favourite place in the world?Fishing in a tinny anywhere in Moreton Bay
Tell us how you first got involved in with DoBM?I wanted to start riding again and after moving to Melbourne for work, I decided to push aside my shyness and make contact. Best decision I made for many reasons. 
What is so empowering about riding a motorcycle?With the twist of my wrist I can instantly feel joy after a taxing day at work or create a rush of adrenaline & endorphins that money can’t buy. 
How does riding transform other areas of your life?Riding has given me confidence which has trickled into all areas of my life. 
Which pride parade would you love to ride in?San Francisco would have to be top of my list. 
What are you passionate about?I’m passionate about getting more women into the construction industry. 
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I think Penny Wong should be running the show. 
Some more compassion and inclusion would go a long way too. 
What is your dream bike? Make/Model/Year and why?I would one day love to get my hands on a Zero Engineering Type 9. They are a beautiful union of modern technology and an old school look. 
What do you wish other people knew about DoBM?The camaraderie along with a safe space to be yourself is rewarding.
Shauna - Dykes on Bikes Melbourne
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